Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Don't mind the name, it's just a name.
Consider it as an awareness of it's coming.
This blog will feature my daily journal,
my thoughts and what so ever...
Enjoy the ride.

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Ibrahim said...

Hello DAJJAL, my name is Ibrahim. Its a wrong name you have chosen for yourself, my suggestion is you could have used names as Mahdi or Isa. Dajjal's coming is inevitable but when he comes people like you are bound first to fall in his trap,no care for the rules or don't you like WAR its a bitter truth of the age we must face it. Naming yourself like the Anti-Christ doesn't make you cool anyway. Show your valor and quality against his systems which have already become dominant to serve as a veil for him when he comes, makes things more easy for him.You already have fallen into his trap as it seems, ther are other things of concern to muslims at this point of time other than to act like a Devil or confront the Dajjal, it might seem cool to you but it isn't. Darkness is no veil for humans it is the lair of the Devil. Be on your guard against the Devil and the deceptive colors of Dajjal.